Beej’s Guide to Network Programming Reference Material

This reference material helps the person who is the fresher to the topic called the socket programming and who are interested in doing the carrier in the socket programming. As this is not a complete reference book but provides the basic and the necessary information which a person can be able to study the concepts of the socket and the network programming.

Sockets are the programs that can be attached during the execution of the programs. There are total two types of sockets called the Data Encapsulation and the Data Abstraction. Data encapsulation means the details that is provided to user is in the capsule like device and data abstraction means the details that are to be provided to the user are hidden and only the needed information is displayed or provided to the user. There are various other concepts in this tutorial which is explained in detail in the reference books…

It has the various other related concepts like the Platform and compiler where the documents of the related existing system are compiled and build on the Linux operating system by making the use of the Gnu’s gcc compiler. Here only the compiler build platforms can only be uses in the gcc compiler.

But the document normally does not support the Windows operating systems. This system has also its own official pages where a user can refer the notes. There are also the solutions for the socket programming for the user who uses the SunOS or the Solaris Operating System.  Specific solutions are also done for the problem that gets generated on the Windows operating system. It also has the Email facility contained in the system. Mirroring is the feature where the user can visit the site privately or publicly. 


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