Becoming a more Effective Manager – Personal Planning

Becoming a more effective manager:

A successful business requires a strong leadership which is managed strongly. These strong leaders will have strong effectiveness and ability to pull everybody in correct direction and make everyone to excite towards their work and therefore dedication in the work is observed so the job is done in easy way. The effective manger will make the employees to work in that direction that they work in a less time as well as the job is done in the cheap cost.

Commonly the effective leadership is explained in the similar way that of effective management, there are only two differences those needs the explanation is that effective managers requires to involve completely up on all the business information and need to spontaneous approach in managing people.

 As an owner in the business, managerial capabilities are to be improved by struggling towards the following:

  • Active listen to customers and workers: The effective managers will give more importance as well as great interest towards workers and customers.
  • Attend parties: Effective managers will always gives importance to the customers and their requests and they will meet the customers regularly to keep their relation good. Benefit parties, serving on board of a trade association, Retirement parties and meeting with the government officials are also part of the job of the effective manager.
  • Clarify employee responsibilities: Effective manager need to spend some time while assigning the new assignment with the persons who are going to perform that assignment. The job of the effective manager is to give the clear clarification about the assignment to the particular responsible person as well as manger should explain the person about the goals and the finishing time of that particular job and should put on the paper within less than 250 words.
  • Criticize positively: Effective mangers will always avoid thinking negatively. They always think in a positive way as well as play positive role in the critical situations. According to the situation they solve the problems by latest ideas and not by the scolding the individuals.
  • Deal with unexcused absences immediately: Effective mangers will not excuse any type of misbehave and they will punish them because they known that are going to affect the decrease in the productivity of the offender’s. 
  • Encourage Team Work:

           In the organizations efficient managers can encourage the people in order to work together properly. By means of Team work organization achieves better results.

  • Assist rather than dictate:

           In industrial type economy, effective managers assist the employees and managers should not give guidelines to the employees. In the management structure, effective managers have the responsibilities and authorities in a large extent. An effective manager can encourages their workers and give suggestions in the work place. If any problem is occurred in the organizations an effective manager can solves the problem in a more easy way and without experiencing any problems.

  • For creative and administrative tasks manager conducts daily and weekly plans: 

                 In order to handle the administrative tasks effective mangers denoted their time in organizations. Therefore operational efficiencies are increased by means of profits.  

          Once in a month or in a week an effective manager conducts plans for completion of tasks. Manager can perform the tasks which are mentioned below.

  • Monitoring the employees and customers.
  • According to the customer’s requirements manager prepare plans and schemes.
  • Make sure the competitions.
  • Financial records are reviewed.
  • Efficient Manager can check everything in the organization like equipments, inventories, supplies etc. 
  • Information preservation:

          From the customers effective managers collect regular feedback and make changes according to the customer’s suggestions. Some of the customer suggestions which are explained to the effective manager are:

  • In organizations trade association’s customers are also integrated.
  • Together with the employees, customers are also having motivation meetings and regular training sessions.
  • Recognize the customer’s weaknesses and assist in those areas by means of an Effective Manager.
  • Financial and marketing strategies are often reviewed.
  • Once in a month review the business plan by means of Effective managers.
  • Sales literature and competitors advertisements are scrutinized. 

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