Banking Management System Documentation

Introduction to Banking Management System Project:

This project makes use of Microsoft Visual Basic for front end and Microsoft Access for back end. The main functions of this project is to store the information about hotel, includes data about room, contains details of customer, and makes entries for updating and deleting the details related to customers. Some of the benefits that can be acquired by installing this system when compare to manual record handling includes reduces errors, removes redundancy, offers better protection, makes work easier, reduces manual labor, etc.

System model is considered as a systematic approach towards software development. For instance, before building any house its very essential to make a layout design of house similar it is in the case of any software. So, even in this case before writing code to any of the software its necessary to make the model of a software. Since the model includes all the steps that need to be followed at the time of developing system. This process makes the task of engineer quite simple and further helps the developer to build software that is less error prone.

The system modeling tasks accomplished includes the processes which serve the requirements of view under consideration. Symbolize the processes behavior of processes and assumptions on which the behavior is based. It explicitly defines both endogenous and exogenous input to model.

Signifies all the linkages which allows engineer better understand the view. This designed software enables the administrations to easily manage the records of all students in university and further makes their work efficient, reduces time, removes inconsistency and removes redundancy.

The other main benefit with this system is that it directly issues the mark sheet to students. Software’s that is required for this system includes Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Access 2000 and hardware requirements consists of pentium processor, 64MB RAM, 14”monitor, 80 columns by 25 rows text resolution, HP laser jet61, total 104 keys with 12 function keys key board and 220 to 250 Volts. 

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