Balance Power Management PPT and Seminar Report

Introduction to Balance Power Management Seminar Topic:

It was developed in 1996 for profession recording and production facility. It is used increase the bandwidth having dynamic range. It also reduces the background noise. Balance power in DC system consist of two battery connected in series, such that potential between them is zero volt and potential across one end is -1.5 v and other +1.5 v.

Balance power management in A.C system consist of impedance load connected at one end and at other end it is connected with transformer with 60 v current across their ends. Both transformer and impedance circuit is connected in parallel to each other. And at middle earthen is done so as to release extra charge. When in this circuit power in connected then current flows from impedance circuit to transformation which potential difference eat one end high and other rend zero. Then these reactive currents in transformer react to create vibration, these vibration create noise in the circuits.

Down to business; it a circuitthat contains impedance circuit and transformer connected to each other, and the potential difference across the circuit is zero and other side full. It is due to Junction Bridge used in the impedance circuit.

Audio performance: it reduces the noise disturbance in overall system very much. It makes the system noise free. It also improves the reproduction of space, air, noise, reverberation and provides us balance power output means it also reduce power consumption. As said earlier noise reduction is done then it gives us better quality of audio, sound, and movie output.

Conclusion:  it is very useful as it balance power management efficiently so it gives very good sound output. It is very helpful for software industries.

Download Balance Power Management PPT and Seminar Report .

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