Bajaj Allianz Personalized Automated Life & Liability Management System Mainframe Project

Software Environment: COBOL, JCL, VSAM (Database), CICS, Z/os

Tools Used:  Easytrieve, SAS, File Aid, Endeavour, CA&, Z/OS

Project Scope: 

  • System is a comprehensive software package designed to meet the Needs of life and health insurance companies that manages the Working of Bajaj Allianz Personalized Automated Life & Liability Management System.
  • PALLM    consists of a number of programs with the facility to store, Manipulate, retrieve and assimilate information for the major components in Life & Insurance sector being;  Actuarial, Marketing, New Business, Fulfilment, Billing, Accounting & Commissions, Claims, Strategic Alliance, Agent Licensing, Sprinter.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Fixing system defects
  • Conversion of parts of coding &testing
  • Working on minor enhancement and major enhancement which will be treated as  developments placed by the clients.
  • Response to inquiry, Monitor the batch,. Support production run, fix or solve application bugs and develop fixes for run times issues due to data errors.
  • Meeting the SLAs for PALLM like span, first time right & bug fixes to time resolution

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