Background of Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone was introduced by Apple Computer Inc in the year 2007 and till now there are many changes to the previous versions and most of the customers are really happy with the services provided by Apple iPhone. Initially Apple had made some design changes due to the competition of Motorola and its services were discontinued for a period.

Two important versions of iPhone were launched by Apple and they are 4GB model and 8GB model and users are provided with latest features like 3.5 inches screen,Bluetooth,WI-Fi, monitor sensors and in-built camera and music player. iPhone provides support to the web based applications like Google maps, Youtube and Weather and the unique feature that made Apple iPhone more successful is its visual voice system, where the users can listen to the messages.

Apple iPhone has made its success on the reports with in one year and it was recorded as the third best selling mobile in US and shared majority of the market with in one year. Apple iPhone has introduced a separate Software Development Kit (SDK), to avoid the unauthorized softwares to be installed in their mobiles and created many employment opportunities to the software professions to join their iPhone Development Program in US.

All the required software programs are created quickly and the developer are provided with the perfect design aspects of the required applications and thus developers are successful in creating the iPhone softwares with in few weeks rather than killing months of time. There are some key competitors to Apple iPhone and few of them are listed below 

  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Nokia
  • RIM 

Most of the competitors listed above have similar set of unique features provided by iPhone. Apart from the huge competition in the market iPhone was recorded as the successful mobile vendor due its unique and incomparable features like excellent hardware, successful App Store which provides the few excellent features like downloading the itunes from their handsets and superior Operating system support. A detailed discussion of the success factors and App store provided by Apple iPhone is done in the later sections.

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