B.tech CSE Seminar Topic on Smart Retina Generic Gesture Tracking Platform with Report

Smart retina is known for its feature tracking platform and it is also used to create interfaces that are based on the retina. These interfaces are used for interaction through visual means and it can also operate without the need of using any sort of audio or text. Moreover, these interfaces acts as translators between the functions of the machines and gestures of the human. Plus, these are also self-explanatory at the level of introductory and the presentation of the gestures that are used for support serve as the reflex interface or the actual visual interface. The self – organization system is the best to explain these interfaces.

These interfaces are based on the retina that avoid the barrier of age and language. Smart retina acts as a translator between machine functions and gestures of the human. It also includes the audio, actuators and text usage. This also expands the capabilities of smart retina’s that too beyond the visual.

As per the scenario 1 this smart retina can act as a tool for navigation combined with the google. It also able to capture the gestures of the hand of the user’s making it easy to understand just like computer actions like down, zoom in, right, up, etc. with the operating system it then sends the commands to the required application.

The purpose of this project is to provide the input device with a vision based structure. A retina that is programmable can send commands by using his hand functions. There is a fusion between the processing and the acquisition functions that allows  adapting to the conditions of learning and for the scene of the dynamic range. The retina can computes more efficiently with its optical input and parallelism. In terms of motion detector this feature has excellent properties.

Download B.tech CSE Seminar Topic on Smart Retina Generic Gesture Tracking Platform with Report.

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