AWT vs Swings Java Seminar Topic

When we compare the feature of AWT with Swings, the AWT features are limited in creation of GUI applications. The comparison between AWT and Swings are:

Both are part of the JFC (Java Foundation Classes) classes but AWT components are heavy weight where as swings are light weight.

  • The components of AWT are not clear but swing components are very clear.
  • The java.awt package contain the GUI application features so we have to always import this package, but where as we can directly use the swing components.
  • The features are limited for AWT program, swing programs are extensible.
  • When the java AWT program is run using UNIX OS (operating system), it will execute with different format but swings execute with clear view.
  • Using AWT is first generation that is having limited features but swings are second generation (Java 2) with enhanced features.

The components of AWT are static but swings have dynamic look and feel with transparent pixel components.

This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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