Introduction to Available Bandwidth Estimation in IEEE 802.11 Based Wireless Networks:

This Paper Presentation explains about the estimation of the bandwidth which is available in the IEEE 802.11 basically based wireless networks and communications. Here the system theoretical capability of the system channels completely depends on the phi8cal layer of the application.

The wavelength and the bandwidth that is available from the application are very less due to the overheads of the network protocols and the contents of the layer like the MAC layers.  The situations of the channels are due to the signal fading and the physical objects errors.

The related applications of the system are Channel time Propagation which is abbreviated as the CTP here each and every link has the bandwidth frequency which has a standard water flow where it just takes the fraction of seconds to get transfer from one bandwidth to another  bandwidth. This is also used in controlling the bandwidth signals from an individual and the multi hop IEEE networks.

The admissions or the data entered can be incorrect sometimes due to the new traffic problems and also the change in the bandwidth of the flow of the estimations. There is also a facility of the dynamic bandwidth management sector where the bandwidths are properly managed.

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