Introduction to Autonomous Parallel Parking RC Car:

Increasing of automobiles in cities created difficulties for drivers to park their cars. To overcome this problem Autonomous Parallel Parking RC Car is created. The RC car identifies the parking space and parallel park by itself. The RC car is fixed with distance sensors. by using this distance sensors the car search for the parking space and when the car identified a space it checks whether the space is enough for parking. When it determines the space is enough for parallel parking   it starts parking in that space. It uses the information from the sensor fixed at right and front sides of the car

There are very less tools available for parallel parking. Tools developed by car manufacturers are very expensive. So by using RC car as a proxy for real car we can overcome these problems. This project is divided into two parts. One is control system and the other is move car algorithm. The control system implements the directions given by move car algorithm.

In Autonomous Parallel Parking RC Car the control system contains all the hardware to interface with the move car algorithm and to drive the car for parking. The parking space detection and parking algorithms use information from the distance sensors.

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