The main aim of AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHT CONTROLLER USING RTC project is to build an Automatic Street Light Controller using RTC. This project explains about reducing power consumption on street lights and lights used for advertising boards.

In general lot of current is wasted because there is no manual maintenance for switching on and off of these lights at night time.

Advertisement board doesn’t require power for entire night so we implement this auto street light controller project which will automatically set off or on the street lights whenever we want them to without any manual interference.

In this project we use AT89S8252 Micro controller Based Energy saver, RTC DS1307 Interfacing where AT89S8252 take decisions.

This application can be used in different fields from business to house hold systems where power consumption is more. This project uses pre programmed timing method for setting on and off of the system.

download Automatic Street Light Controller Using RTC project Report.

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