Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter

Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter projects main idea is develop a application which can remotely handle controlling of room light. This project users Infra Red light for wireless transmission.

                                 Present project is designed using 89S52 microcontroller to OPEN/CLOSE any kind of entry or exit doors, if implemented in spirit. Sensors are fixed at 1meter on both sides of the door. When foreside receiver gets activated by recognizing any one entering, the gate motor is turned on in one direction and the gate is opened and stays opened until the person crosses the door and reaches the other side. When the exit side receiver gets activated motor turns in opposite direction and gate opens and motor stops. In this way the OPEN/CLOSE function of the ENTRY/EXIT door can be controlled.


  • Shopping malls
  • Movie theatres
  • Offices and Industries.
  • This can also be implemented to control the Railway gates.

download Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter.

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