This Automatic Remark Notice Generation project deals about generating an automatic notice about the mistakes made by a student. Earlier in all educational institutions when a student commits a mistake they used to manually maintain record of the students mistake and generate notices manually.

But with the “Automatic remark notice generator” we maintain a database which consists all the details of the student and the mistakes done by the student.

Once the data is entered into the remark database a notice is generated automatically and posted to his/her respective department and to the administrative office.

Every college has rules and regulations which every student must follow, and these generally fall in two categories.

One is ‘general college rules’ and the other is ‘examination rules’.

Our project is about maintaining records of the student in a database that violate the above rules and generating a notice.

Once the notice is generated, this notice is automatically mailed to the corresponding head of the department and to the administrative office.

A notice is generated only when a student commits a serious mistake.

Existing System:

Many educational institutions maintain the details of the student as hard copy.

In the existing system a person should manually generate a notice every time the student commits a mistake.

Generating such notices needs lot of human intervention and time.

Drawbacks of Existing System:

1. Maintaining these records as hard copies is a tough task.

2. Generating a notice manually is a time taking process.

3. To analyze how many times a student made a mistake is tough.

Proposed System:

1. Stores the mistakes made by the student in a database.

2. Based on the mistake a notice is generated automatically.

3. The generated notice is automatically mailed to respective department.