Automatic Meter Reading PPT and Seminar Report

Introduction to Automatic Meter Reading:

It is a cost telephone network system called outgoing system, they are very much reliable. It helps to reduce the human error instead of visiting person site, and then record the reading. Everything can be measured like gas, electricity, or even water.

 They provide a link which can be telephone link also or power line carrier.  It provides more accuracy to user and response to user rapidly, and providesseveral billing option, and offer variable rates. They provide very good customer service, they instant replace meter, they detect tamper, also schedule meter reading automatic, and this optimize cost reduction.

For this ERT (Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter) is used which work as key to AMR. It remains in sleep modes until it receives a signal from device. The meter gives out wake up signal to the device, ERT device uses incoming signal  then it check the meter reading then encode the reading to  digital form and the transmit its identification number and  the current calculated reading. After transmitting it go back to sleep again. Then device matches the reading and then transfer the reading to final bill processing system.

AMR consist of PLM (power line modem) which send and receive data.  It operates in half duplex. It used by both MIU and DCU device.

Advantages: cost is reduced, customer service is better, secure, and bill time is also reduced. Reading can be also taken if there is no one at home.

For AMR we should have a telephone line for proper network, power lines, radio frequencies like VHF, UFH and Bluetooth connection.

AMR reduces the time and improves the billing process, it also show meter reading for gas and water, it uses Ethernet connection so there is full security

Download Automatic Meter Reading PPT and Seminar Report .

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