Automatic Illumination of Tunnel Project Report

The main aim of this Automatic Illumination of Tunnel project is to saving the power in idle time. For this we have to design an electronic circuit. This is most useful in traffic lights whenever the traffic is more the lights are on with bright, when the traffic is less then automatically lights are in set to off. So the power is automatically save. These tunnels are placed in the underground and this can be used roads like train, busses, vehicles, and canal. The tunnel is relatively narrow and long. The basic tunnels types for construction are cut and cover tunnel, bored tunnels, immersed tube tunnels.

This project uses the concepts of visual adjustment, in this temporal adaption, spatial adaption. For The safety types of the tunnel lighting are symmetrical and asymmetrical lightening, asymmetric counter beam lightening. The arrangements of the tunnel lightening are cell mounting (enough space) and wall mounting (not having enough space) these two techniques are used in this project based on these two concepts the tunnel is arranged. To control the tunnel lighting use the innovative systems, this should be the cost efficient system, optimizing the security, actually the tunnel having not having the control for power consumption, this problem can be solved by using the plc controlled lighting system. By using this project the maintenance cost is reduced, less installation charges. The components used for this project are X-OR gate, OR gate, AND gate, IR transmitter, IR receiver and 555 timer circuit.

Download Automatic Illumination of Tunnel Project Report & Full Documentation.

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