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Object Detection Matlab Project

Abstract Object detection is the process of finding instances of real world objects such as faces, vehicles and buildings in images or videos. Face Detection and Pedestrian Detection comes under the Object detection. Vehicle detection is a part of Object detection. Vehicle detection mainly focus on detecting the vehicle. Automated Vehicle detection will be done(…)

Scrap Collector Online Portal

Abstraction: Scrap Collector is Web based Online Portal for door to door Free Scrap Collection and Recycling Service. Scrap Collector Provides different Sectors which include Individual House, Society, Organizations and Industries.Give away your recyclables used paper, plastic, metal, glass etc in a most environment friendly manner. Introduction Project Summary: Scrap Collector (SC) is the India’s first(…)

DBMS Course Project

Project report The DBMS Course Project report must contain the following items Introduction Give a description of the application and the database system      2. ER data model design Design the ER data model of the database in detail. o List the entities and their attributes. o  Specify the domain of each attribute. o Specify(…)

Education Loan Management System .Net Project

Abstract: Education Loan Management System is an application which gives information of various types of loans for students. This application makes the progress of a student easy in providing the right way of information about education loan. Education has been the central human resource development and empowerment throughout the world. Both national and state level(…)

ASP Training Institute ASP.Net Project

Context: “ASP Training Institute” is a small company that specializes in IT related training. The company offers workshops for both individuals and organizations. Workshops can be offered in the company’s facilities and are open to both individuals and group registrations. “ASP Training Institute” also offers workshops for various organizations in their facilities. These sessions are(…)

Defect Tracking System C#.Net Project

Abstract: Defect Tracking System is a project developed to detect the defects in the system. This system also  provides the complete information concerning the defects detected. Defect tracking system is to test the application for the defects and report it. All the reports generated will be send to the project manager and developer.All the defects (…)

Cargo Management System .Net Project

Cargo Management System is a comprehensive module designed for addressing the areas of general cargo operations through the aviation. Cargo management system are an innovative way to load and store heavy or bulky cargo’s. Cargo manager is a domestic air express market which transfers goods. Cargo manager can serve the customers  by carrying the goods(…)