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DBMS Assignment for MS Students

Create a Students table which has the following columns: student id, student name, email address, gender, status, GPA, age. The student id can be an integer between 100 and 999. The name is limited to 10 characters. The email address is limited to 25 characters. Gender is a single letter, either m or f. Status(…)

MGNAREGA Development System

Project Title: MGNAREGA Development System Description: This project majorly concern on development work which is happen in all over India. And keep track of all worker’s attendance and their payment calculation. Technology Used: Android 1.0 (API Level – 8) Tools Used: Eclips Helios SQLite Database Constraint: In our project we do not implement Web-Service Concepts. So, In(…)

E Campus Android Application

E_campus is an Android Application makes updates share easy. It often happens when HOD send any updates regarding the college to the students, but unable to find an appropriate way to do that. Information can be done by some other social network sites or by emails, but they are inefficient and time consuming. Since, this(…)

Advanced Major Project list for ECE & EEE

These are the below 50 advanced major ECE and EEE Major projects developed for B.Tech/M.Tech Students., Advanced ECE and EEE PROJECTS 2017 -2018 1 Dual axis solar tracking robot for survilence with IP camera 2 Rocker bogie suspenstion system 3 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System 4 Home automation using Android app 5 Merrain navigation robot 6 Drainage pipe cleaning(…)

Online Local Ticket Reservation System Android App

APPLICATIONS As the Online Local Ticket Reservation System application is on android operating system and we are using android programming, We considered a couple of similar Ticket Reservation applications present in Google Store. Following are the list of  the application considered. UTS M-Indicator Mumbai  DESCRIPTION Introduction to online local ticket reservation system USECASE diagram SEQUENCE DIAGRAM(…)

Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing System Reflection Essay

Investigate the various teleconferencing and videoconferencing system available to you: Teleconferencing and videoconferencing is defined as a confrontation by the means of telecommunication medium. It is a universal medium for linking people from two or more locations TYPES OF TELECONFERENCING AND VIDEOCONFERENCING APPLICATIONS VOIP CISCO LYNC TEAM VIEWER BLUE JEANS SKYPE TELECONFERENCING:- Teleconferencing has various(…)

Survey Manager System .Net Project

Abstract: Survey manager is an online application which is developed  to make the process of survey easier. This project minimizes the budget of survey faster without any wastage of time. This .net based web application is easy and comfortable to use. In this Survey manager web application answers or viewpoints of the participants are collected(…)

Online Shopping System .Net Project

Abstract: Online shopping system is a system which is developed to improve the services of customers and vendors. The main features of this project is high accuracy,design flexibility and easy availability.This application allows customers to shop and buy the items online. This online shopping system allows users to shop from anywhere and anytime.This system provides(…)