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Digital Portico .Net Project

Abstract: The digital portico .Net project is developed to enable customers to shop and buy electronic gadgets like mobiles or accessories from anywhere online. Portico is a digital preservation service for e-journals, e-books, and other scholarly e-content. Portico is among the largest community-supported digital archives in the world. This application advertises some of the products(…)

Cooking Recipe Portal .Net Project

Abstract: Cooking recipe portal is a project developed to provide details and way of cooking various recipes. This projects enables users to learn and cook various types of recipes. This application provides newest and most popular recipe details. Highest rated recopies can also be viewed in this application. Different types of communities , recipe articles(…)

My Club- Club Management System .Net Project

Abstract: My club – club management system is a project which is developed to provide and manage various social service activities such as donating eye’s, blood, providing awareness towards aids, conducting medical checkups and conducting pollution awareness camps. This application provides my services online and maintains the details of the donors to provide fast and(…)

Web Mart Online Shopping Paradise .Net Project

Abstract: Web mart online shopping paradise is a project developed to allow business grow larger and faster. Users can view and order products online from anywhere and anytime. Web mart sell different type of new products and services.web mart online shopping paradise services users online quickly and comfortably. This project develops an e-commerce store for(…)

Advanced Online Parking System .Net Project

Abstract: Advanced online parking system is a project developed to provide an easy way in finding  the parking space for vehicles. This project helps users by analyzing the areas where parking is available and details about number of slots free in that area. Advanced online parking system enables users to book before four hours prior(…)

Online E-learning System .Net Application

Abstract: Online E-learning system is a web application. This is developed using, C#.Net & SQL Server to provide support to students who want to learn online. All the information like programs, courses and books are provided to the students in this application. This application uses internet technologies to provide knowledge to the students about(…)

Online Compiler Java Project

Abstract: In the present scenario everything works online. This projects main objective is to provide an application for the educational institute where the faculty can post the questions and students can view and attempt the question any number of times by using compilers. By using this application, Organization can conduct online practical examination. Without the(…)

Enhancement of GPREC Application

Introduction: Today many students are developing innovative apps. Here we are going to develop an mobile application which is similar to our present GPREC APP and we are going to enhance that present app by using the android technology. This mobile app will be very useful for each and every student and faculty in colleges.(…)