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Smart Voting System PHP Website & Android App Synopsis PPT

The main goal and objective of this Smart Voting System application are to help the organization in automating the entire manual process of the existing voting system. The voting system must be compatible with the multiuser environment. The Smart Voting System should be able to follow the entire detailed description of candidates and voters. Development(…)

Online Furniture Shopping Mobile Application Design

This Online Furniture Shopping App developed for Android mobile phones. Objective Abstract Modules Software Requirement Specification System Design Conclusion OBJECTIVE This application showcases all the furniture products for shopping, making the customer a comfortable online shopping experience with a real look and feel of the furniture. To buy products, the customer has to have an account.(…)

Diagnostic Management System Project Design PPT

The proposed Diagnostic Management System system contains the below data tables in its database. Patient Details table Doctor  Details Table Room Details Table Bill Details table MODULES DESIGN SPECIFICATION User: User Login: User Login to the application using his ID and Password. User Registration: If the user is a new user, he will enter his(…)

Spark Streaming Hadoop Project

Agenda: Abstract Existing system Drawbacks of existing system Proposed system System requirements Abstract: In this project, Spark Streaming is developed as part of Apache Spark. Spark Streaming is used to analyze streaming data and batch data. It can read data from HDFS, Flume, Kafka, Twitter, process the data using Scala, Java or python and analyze(…)

Advanced Slider Captcha Project

Completely Automated Public Turing test (CAPTCHA) is a way of differentiating humans and computers. As the technology is growing exponentially in this fast-moving world, it is highly important to complicate the process of differentiating. The current approach of using distortions to an image will only complicate the understanding skills of a human more than a(…)