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Programming Language for Problem Domain Science: ALPHA

Name of New Science Programming Language  ALPHA is the name of the new programming Language for Problem Domain of Science. It attempts to use the best of the programming advantages of object-oriented language and dynamic languages. It is expected to replace static languages and ideal for large scale scientific software system development. Introduction and explanation(…)

A Study on Employee Safety and Welfare Measures Project Synopsis

SYNOPSIS Wellbeing and Welfare is the principle sympathy toward the representatives. Minor ignores may likewise bring about irreversible risks. Consequently, the breakdowns in everyday exercises ought to be checked in each capacity. A domain ought to be made with the end goal that the representatives work courageously, concentrating on their work as opposed to wellbeing(…)

Understanding Big Data – In the Context of Internet of Things Data

Executive Summary This Knowing Internet of Things Data: A Technology Review is a critical review of Internet of Things in the context of Big Data as a technology solution for business needs. It evaluates the potential exploitation of big data and its management in correlation to devices which are Internet of Things. The article begins with(…)

A Study on Six Sigma Training Program with Reference to Selected IT Companies in Hyderabad

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To study the impact of six sigma training program on service quality. To determine the satisfaction levels of the employees on the training program process using six sigma provided to them. To study the gaps in employees effectiveness before and after the six sigma training sessions conducted by the company. To(…)

Event Management System Android App

The main purpose this Event management system android app is to provide best event management application with affordable price and time. Users involved in this: Admin User Organisation User: User sends a request regarding an event with an estimated amount and the work to be done Organisation: organization if satisfied with the amt quoted accepts the(…)