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Secure Web Portal for Water Distribution and Quality Assurance

Abstract: Water Distribution and management is a web application which enhances and emphasizes the way water is distributed and maintaining the quality. The people who are in search of water for their regular uses can contact us by using this application. We Provide water to different areas in the city with monthly packages at affordable(…)

ABC Courier Management System PHP Project

ABC Courier Management System ABSTRACT Courier management application will be a comprehensive and complete application wherein ABC systems will be able to manage all its operations and also the franchise/dealer related registration, manage their employees and dealer employees, manage delivery info all registered consignments or packages, manage customer related information and provide necessary info to(…)

E Place Online Website Project

Objective: This E Place Online Website application can be a centralized repository sort of application for a user that registers. Once a user registers he or she will have access to different modules of the application. It will allow registered user to upload their digital documents and can also share it whenever needed. The option(…)

Product Sales Analysis Qlikview Project

Project name: Sales Analysis The main aim of developing this Product sales analysis QlikView application is to analyze the total sales data in a company year wise, month wise and week wise and day wise. This analysis includes the ratio of sales data, profit maximization, etc. The Analysis has done with the below 4 Charts namely(…)

Exam Branch Management System Java Project

Abstract It emphasizes two main concepts of the examination branch that results in the analysis and distribution of memoranda. The results analysis focuses on the percentage of class passes in each subject and the number of students approved in all subjects. The note distribution includes information about the list of students who took the memos(…)

Campus Pedia – College Management System PHP Project

Introduction: Campus Management System is educational network project which aims to completely managing colleges, institutes and universities by providing better interaction between students, faculty, and administration. It will provide seamless interaction between the stakeholders enables small administration and management of various teaching, non-teaching and administrative activities. Motivation: To have unique projects and develop our own(…)