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Online Food App (Fresh food)

It is an on demand food order service. It acts as an intermediate between independent food outlets and customers. The platform allows customers to search for local take outs from providers (chef) to choose from pick up or delivery options. The online food ordering service could also partner with local restaurants in selected cities nearby and(…)

Library Management Project

Andro-CLiberion Modules Android Login Management Search for Books Search with tags Search with author Search with category Check Book Availability Notification Management Notifies when the book becomes Available Notifies Book Renewal / Return Date Web Service Client Comments & Review Management Desktop Application Student Management Book Management Database Management Web application Web Service Management Module (…)

Coarse Grain Access Control Framework – CGA Mini Project

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this Coarse Grain Access Control Framework document is to define scope and requirements of a Coarse Grain Access Control Framework (CGA) for the developers of a software services company, engaged in developing Java Servlet/JSP based web applications. The proposed system will eliminate the need to develop specific coarse grain access control(…)

Event Portal Project

This is a conceptual design for a content management website called Event Portal, which showcases a variety of events and facilitates registration and promotion. In this design document, listings and forms are illustrated with random pictures simply to help students visualize and easily grasp the design concept. Students should conduct application requirement gathering and definition of database,(…)

Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless prerequirements

You need these software’s/ settings to see the data in PC for this Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless pre-requirements project. step 1. you need to install any serial monitor software (we recommend to use arduino software) download link . https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Donate step 2 you need install cp2102 drivers in laptop. http://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers after installing the(…)