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Academic Projects Tracking System

ABSTRACT: Academic projects tracking system is web based application used in organization/institutions. It has both admin and user module. The main objective of this Academic Projects Tracking System is to store and retrieve the academic projects details in web based applications. By this the student and staff interaction is reduces for the project work.  The(…)

Online Book Store PHP Project

Abstract: Many people’s have problem that they want to learn or read .But due to their busy schedule they could not give time to study even they want to study .So i have realized these peoples problem and added this powerful project. It will be very suitable for the such peoples who have to work(…)

Club Management .Net Project

This Club Management .Net Project is having two major modules, Those are admin and member modules below: Admin Zone Collect and maintain the details of Member so collect some amount  from member  this amount variation is depending upon category of membership. Then main the venture details  this detail contain the information about the plot information. Then (…)

Use of Recycled Materials in Road Construction Abstract

Abstract: With the advancement of the street business and developing movement on streets, development materials have likewise been developed and that’s only the tip of the iceberg  offbeat fixings have been joined. The justifications was the shortage of customary characteristic materials and the endangered condition which have supported the inclination towards assessment different materials assets(…)

Graphics Package Editor C++ Project

Graphics Editor is a software tool that helps the user to create some painting on the screen to do some operation on it. This is a simple and a user friendly graphics editor based on the Windows platform. It consists of the following basic facilities: Geometrical shapes such as straight line, parallel lines, circle, ellipse,(…)

Sodexho Passes Management System Java Abstract

Project Abstract: Organizations, Stalls and Sodexho are connected by using tokens to perform commercial transactions. Administrator (SODEXHO) registers the tokens, companies and Stalls to manage the tasks. Companies manage the employee list to whom the tokens available with the companies are issued. Employees move the tokens into the hands of the Stalls against the required(…)