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Portfolio Project IS/IT Case Study

The portfolio project for ISM 6026 is to develop a case study (similar to what we have been doing in class) and critique the case. The portfolio project will consist of two parts: part one is the case study narrative itself; part two is your analysis of the facts of the case. Approximate length should be(…)

Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair Embedded Project

Design and Implementation of Low-Cost Intelligent Wheelchair The main aim of this project is to design of low-cost intelligent wheelchair. This chair is designed for physically disabled persons. It designed to control devices and to ask others their minimum basic needs like water, food etc. wheelchair movement is controlled by using MEMS sensor which attached(…)

Electronic Siren ECE Project

We the undersigned had certified and acknowledge the successful completion of the Project Report entitled ” ELECTRONIC SIREN” We certify that we have examined and recommended to Government Technological College for Under-Graduate studies for acceptance the project entitled “ELECTRONIC SIREN” submitted by in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Diploma of Engineering. The 555(…)

Scheduling SMS Android Application

Scheduled SMS is an android application concept which enables users to delay their SMS by specifying a Specific time and date along with the receivers contact number. About Scheduling SMS Application: This android app automatically sends the SMS on the time specified by the user to the selected contacts and adds a pre-defined message which will be(…)