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Easy Market Android App Project Report

Presently handheld devices such as smartphones are using very huge. In short, we are using them to easy to solve our work. One application that falls into this category is Easy Market developed for Android phones. This application will help salespersons in managing the various types of Records such as client details, supplier details, product(…)

Online Voting System ASP.Net Project Synopsis

SYNOPSIS Project Title: Online Voting System ABSTRACT: This is a web page in which we create a voting system. We consider that all voters are preregistered by admin when the voter login for voting he/she can give only one vote. This project developed for threat free and user-oriented Online Voting System. Online Voting System is(…)

Employer Branding through Recruitment & Selection

Objectives of the Study:  To study the effectiveness of employer branding in creating employee value proposition. The strategies of Employers to build Brand through Recruitment and Selection. To analyze the perspective of the ex-employees, current employees and prospective employees towards a Software Company. To identify the factors that increase job satisfaction of the employees. To(…)

Project Report on Customer Management System

This Customer Management System project has the below forms: 1)  Form: CUSTOMER DETAILS a) When Consumer Applies for New Connection, the administrator will get all the Details from the customer and save it to the DataBase Table “CustomerTemporaryDetails” except Phone numbers and Load details all the information is mandatory. Load details, at least a row(…)

Mechanical Questionnaire System Java Project

Statement of the project To maintain the questions in the database and develop an Auto Questionnaire to conduct promotional exams for the employees. Existing System: It is time-consuming and difficult to conduct for every section. At present to conduct any exam question paper is being set manually. Proposed System: Questions are generated randomly with the(…)

College Information Management System (CIMS) Project Synopsis

The project College Information Management System (CIMS) deals with the maintenance of information over a network within the college. The college system has gone through a vast transformation particularly in the last decade. While adopting, IT seems to be the best choice towards enhancing efficiency, it becomes necessary for college systems to face the challenges(…)