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Online Verification System Project Synopsis

Online Verification System Verification process in other words background verification is very important nowadays for a lot of companies. It actually allows companies to validate the info provided by their employees are true and correct without any discrepancies.    User Types: Admin, user, verifier Admin will basically approve verifier login. Admin will also validate all(…)

Online House Rental Management Java Project

House rental portal is a webpage where house owners, clients, customers can exchange information effectively and inexpensively. Provides user-friendly interface, satisfying the needs of the consumers. Employs a new strategy that facilitates easy management of rental houses. MODULES:  OWNER: This module is operated by the user who is the owner of the property and wants(…)

Graphical Representation of Student Performance and Project Reporting System

Abstract: This project can implement features like: The first feature is “Graph”, it shows the graphical representation of the student’s performance (attendance and aggregate). The second feature is the “Projects”, here all the project titles with description are stored in the database so that it will be helpful to our juniors and it also helps(…)

Knowledge Zone and K Blogs Project Synopsis

Abstract: The project is aimed at developing a utility application that can enhance the teaching-learning curve in an institution. It further gives the students an opportunity to improve their research abilities in a particular subject area. The knowledge zone system will provide file upload and publish content option. This application is intended to develop the(…)