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Prediction of the Consumption of Electricity for Rural Region

A system which provides ​prediction of the consumption of electricity for rural region ​ by considering the climatic conditions. The input parameters of which will be : Temperature Precipitation Relative Humidity Wind speed Max Temperature Min Temperature Sunshine hours Air pressure Rainfall evaporation The output will be the electricity consumption in kWh for the region (graphical(…)

Design and Development of Rubrics and Analysis to Find Outcome Attainments

Abstract This report consists of data analysis and calculations of a particular course as per the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). For this calculation, the mapping of Course Outcome (CO) of each course with their respective Performance Indicator (PI) such as experiments, assignments, test, quiz etc. is done. Percentage contribution of each performance indicator to(…)

Project on IP and Machine Learning using Matlab

Problem Statement The objective of this work is to develop a system for detection of Alzheimer’s disease from MRI scan of a patient using machine learning approach. The system will take MRI scan of a patient and will attempt to detect Alzheimer’s based on pre-determined set of features. It will mainly focus on physical characteristics(…)

National Parks of India Java Project

 The main objective of “National Parks of India” Java Project is to provide information regarding various National Parks situated in India and animals residing in those parks. This National Parks of India project helps people who are interested in wild animals so that they can visit in right season and right time. In the existing(…)

Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine

Contents Introduction of Machine Objective Methodology Literature Survey Material Solution Schematic Diagram Introduction Of Machine Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc. But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts. We found the Problem of this kind(…)