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Bulk Messaging – Advertise the Mobile Way

The most common mediums of customer retention today are television, radio, newspapers, banners, hoardings, etc. Promotions through newspapers are effective, and are more cost effective than television commercials. The disadvantage of newspaper promotions is that many people flick past advertisements of any kind when reading  a  paper,  which  is  different from a TV based campaign, as viewers(…)

Field Service Management App

Overview Field Service Management is an important tool for every service provider conducting on-site installations. An efficient solution is required to support various areas including service order placement, task scheduling, technician assignment depending on skills and availability, route optimization, equipment allocation, as well as service level agreements and reports management. The platform must be seamlessly(…)

Corporate Messenger – Always Connected, Stay Connected

Present Challenges: A number of organizations spend millions of dollars every year just on getting the right kind of communication tool which would help their employees in interacting within the organization in a more professional and disciplined manner. The type of communication can also depend on factors like: How complex organizational structure change over time.(…)

Hand Gesture Recognition based on Depth map

ABSTRACT In this Hand Gesture Recognition based on Depth map paper a proposed method for gesture recognition using depth map image using Opencv is presented.  Using feature extraction method based on Radon transform will identify the hand posture recognition. This method reduces the feature vector of Radon transform by averaging its values. For the classification(…)

Academic Projects Tracking System

ABSTRACT: Academic projects tracking system is web based application used in organization/institutions. It has both admin and user module. The main objective of this Academic Projects Tracking System is to store and retrieve the academic projects details in web based applications. By this the student and staff interaction is reduces for the project work.  The(…)