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Educational Institution Forum Synopsis

In current system the Educational Institution Forum work done is totally manually. First of all the management has to manually keep all information regarding customer, or user manually. Whenever any user wants to appear for any requirements about your scope or fields details keep’s in the files. The management has to manually check the information of(…)

Job Portal PHP Project

Project Requirements: Introduction: The main goal of this Job Portal project is to create a virtual platform for both students and companies to get their desired jobs. Motivations: After completing their respective level of higher education, students are not sure of how to apply for different kinds of companies and what are their requirements. They(…)

Secure Data Transfer for Air Gap Networking

ABSTRACT: We mainly explain about the importance of data security while transmitting data on network. SECURE DATA TRANSFER is a .exe file which enables the employee of a particular organisation to encrypt and decrypt data for security purpose using AES algorithm. The encryption and decryption methods of cryptography used in developing this system make the(…)

Material Management Project

In our Material Management System project we are having 4 modules: 1) PURCHASE REQUISITION ENTRY (PR-ENTRY) 2) MATERIAL PURCHASE REQUISITION 3) COMPARATIVE STATEMENT GENERATION 4) PURCHASE ORDER GENERATION NOTE:- For Every Department That Tries To Access These Screens They Need To Initially Login With Their Division Code And Provided User Id, Password User id:– can(…)

Easy Campus System using J2ME Synopsis

Description: Easy Campus System using J2ME is the next generation of electronic learning that is based on mobile devices. It enriches interaction of the learning material, technological platform and the wireless systems that supports learning anywhere, anytime. The system has been developed using J2ME technologies in the client and Apache Web server systems. Mobile interactive learning(…)