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McDonald’s Management System Project

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT:-  This McDonald’s Management System project is aimed at developing an online application for the McDonald’s. The system is an online application & Our project provides  the details of the different branches located all over India and the objective of making this,you can easily place your order from anywhere who- had internet access.(…)

School Management Software PHP Project

Every city has hundreds of schools .Schools are character building block for everyone’s life. Schools play very important role in people’s life. Without schools no one can get knowledge. To get knowledge we have to go to the schools .Schools teaches not only knowledge but also it teaches about the discipline. The School Management System(…)

Diet Adviser Android Project

User– The user can not only know their calorific requirements but also can calculate calories for the food consumed. Various low-calorie recipes have been included for reference. Database – It is used to store the calorific value data and recipes. Application– Carries out all calculations and database retrieving The need to know the calories in(…)

Online Examination System JSP Project

The main aim of developing this Online Examination System is to conduct online exams in educational institutions. Here we divide the project in to 3 major modules, They are Admin, Faculty and Student. This project implemented with JSP and MYSQL. Admin features list  Login       Manage subjects -Add subject  list -Delete subject  list -Edit  subject (…)

Highway Asset Management Civil Project

Abstract: A guideline component of advantage administration is to create and keep up arrangement between the targets of the association and the administration of its benefits; “observable pathway” or arrangement, as depicted by PAS 55 (BSI, 2008) and the International Infrastructure Management Manual (NAMS, 2011). The targets of this approach guarantee that: Assets and the administrations(…)

Road Asset Management Evolution and Trends

ABSTRACT Environmental change, attention to vitality proficiency, new patterns in power advertises, the outdated nature of the genuine power demonstrate, and the slow transformation of purchasers to prosumer profiles are the principle operators of dynamic change in power frameworks towards the Smart Grid worldview. The presentation of various conveyed era and capacity assets, with a(…)