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Design of a Solar Tracking System for Renewable Energy

Existing Work: In the existing work, the concept of designed using Light Dependent resistors (LDR) which are very unreliable when there is no sunlight in Day conditions thus will cause in the decrease in the production. Proposed Work: In the Design of a Solar Tracking System for Renewable Energy Proposed work, we are implementing the(…)

Recruitment and Selection MBA HR Project

ABSTRACT One of the most critical skills for operating a successful organization is the ability to recruit, select, and retain a skilled and motivated work force. To be effective in today’s increasingly competitive labor markets, the managers must be equipped and trained to: • Recruit the most qualified applicant. • Establish policies and procedures that(…)

Accurate Electricity Monitoring of the Household Appliances

Aim: The main aim of this project is “To reduce the interference and to get the accurate electricity monitoring of the household appliances”. EXISTING SYSTEM: In the existing method electricity can be monitored by using the parameters like voltage and current these 2 Parameters can be sensed by using the voltage and current sensors. but the controlling(…)

Corporate Governance in Indian Hospitals Project

Introduction: The Corporate governance concept have recently been discussed in the managerial Literature in regards to management practice in the Private, quasi and public sector enterprises. Health care industry ranked among the largest public and private sectors in India. This research compares and contrasts hospital governance in two plural health care systems – public and(…)

Job Satisfaction of the Employees Project

NEED FOR THE STUDY : Job satisfaction of the employees is important if the employees are satisfied then only the organization can function smoothly increases its production, faces competition. If employees are satisfied with their job they will carry a positive attitude. Hence the study has been undertaken to assess the employee job satisfaction which(…)

Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Project

Need for the study An investor can choose the right underlying for investment, which is risk free. The Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis study included the changes in daily price movement and buying and selling signals to the selected stocks. This helps the investor to take right decisions regarding trading in stock futures.  Objectives of(…)

Online Trading MBA Project

Subject of the Project: This Online Trading MBA Finance project is about the latest trend in trading through online networking that is taking the business world by storm. Online trading networking or simply put ‘networking on the net’ is fast becoming the easiest, fastest, very focused and a most effective means of growing your chain(…)

Stress Management MBA HR Project

Introduction In modern organization human resources are vital thus their well being is also important to the Management.  Most stress in organization is caused by the structure and design of the organization its Policies, Programme, and procedures of administration and Managerial style and strategies, thus organizations are interested in determining the organizational stressors and removing(…)

Web Shop .Net Project

This Web Shop .Net project mainly deals with the operation of shopping the different goods, which are available on the net corresponding to the particular web server so we can call as Web Shop. Now a days Internet technology is growing to communicate between the people and fulfilling their needs. Application on Internet plays an(…)