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Web Traffic Analyzer Tool PHP Project

ABSTARCT It is a web traffic analyzer tool which helps you to keep track on website traffic. You can monitor the website traffic. You can measure your website Popularity around the world. You can find how much peoples have visited on your website, which is coming to your website, from which country, from which operating(…)

Handwritten Character Recognition using Deep Learning Approach

ABSTRACT: Deep learning is a new area of machine learning research which has been introduced with the objective of moving machine learning closer to one of it’s goal i.e artificial intelligence. There are various applications of deep learning. In this project we use deep learning for hand-written character  recognition. The challenges associated with hand-written character(…)

Bug Repository Java Project

OBJECTIVE: Identifying and storing the bug in Data Base and also giving relevant information about the bug ABSTRACT Bug Repository is the system which enable to store and detect the bugs. It not merely stores the bugs but provides the complete information regarding bugs detected.Using this no bug will be unfixed in the developed application.(…)

Identification of Reusable Components Project

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of  this Identification of Reusable Components project is to find the reusable components in the given code. In programming and engineering disciplines, a component is an identifiable part of  large program. Usually, a component provides a particular  function or group of related functions. Software Reusable Component is any component that is specifically(…)

Dmanual-Digital Car Manual Project

PROJECT TITLE: DMANUAL-DIGITAL CAR MANUAL DESCRIPTION: Most of automobile cars have various dash lights which will illuminate when some fault occurs in the vehicle. Unfortunately these dash lights will not give extensive information about which part of the system has the fault. The car owners can get basic information about these lights and their respective description(…)

Prediction of the Consumption of Electricity for Rural Region

A system which provides ​prediction of the consumption of electricity for rural region ​ by considering the climatic conditions. The input parameters of which will be : Temperature Precipitation Relative Humidity Wind speed Max Temperature Min Temperature Sunshine hours Air pressure Rainfall evaporation The output will be the electricity consumption in kWh for the region (graphical(…)

Design and Development of Rubrics and Analysis to Find Outcome Attainments

Abstract This report consists of data analysis and calculations of a particular course as per the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). For this calculation, the mapping of Course Outcome (CO) of each course with their respective Performance Indicator (PI) such as experiments, assignments, test, quiz etc. is done. Percentage contribution of each performance indicator to(…)