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Bakery Store Final Project Synopsis

The below Requirements for a model for Final Bakery Store Project: Minimum 6 entities Minimum one inheritance – with 2 subclasses Minimum one interface with one implementation Role based model – Eg., Admin and Regular users should have different functionalities Should implement CRUD functionality for all entities – based on user roles – it should(…)

College Information Management System (CIMS) Application

College Information Management system (CIMS) application that effectively manages the storage and retrieval of information on the internal network of a college. In other words, it is a web application for a college. How a College Functions?     There are many activities that take place in a college. They are below Admissions: The traditional process(…)

Student Feedback System .Net Project

This project is a .net based website which is getting all the feedback from the student through online. Modules included in the project are below: Admin Coordinator Faculty Student Output Snapshots and description for the admin, Student and Faculty Modules: Admin page: Admin Login Page: ADMIN HOME PAGE: ADMIN -> STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM ADMIN FACULTY(…)

Food App – Restaurant Food Ordering Service in Trains

EXISTING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION In the existing system, there is no such restaurant food ordering service for providing food services for passengers on the train. Railway catering is the only option for passengers to get food. Passengers face several problems in trains with unhygienic food. There are several cases where passengers faced health problems due to(…)

Displaying Smart Phone Data Android Project Report

Problem Statement: Nowadays MNC companies are not allowing using smartphones in the workplace because the data is being transferred illegally. Due to this, the user is unable to know any important or urgent information. Existing System: In the existing system, some information such as missed calls and battery, messages information, referred to as device-oriented information.(…)