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Direct Marketing Campaign of Human Resource Consulting firm

Thousand Projects Technologies is a start up Human Resource Consulting firm at Hyderabad, India. They are into Providing all types of like Personnel & Strategic HR services under one roof including staffing etc., The another wing of Thousand Projects technologies is Learning & Development for corporate employees and core & Practical training for graduates from different(…)

A Project Report on E-learning

Preface This Website is Provide to the E-Learning in Higher Secondary School. This E-learning Website Can be Also Provide Information About Question. The User can get the Online Learning about Question. This is a static dynamic website designed to E-learning. The User can also fill own registration form. Acknowledgement We are very grateful and thankful(…)

A Project on Automatic Lubrication System

Introduction When lubrication is done on need base and automatically is said to automatic lubrication system. Automatic lubrication is a new concept which Aim’s to improve lubrication process. It is a new step ahead for complete automation of machine tool in industries. Need In the world, fast growing economy, where mass production is trend machine(…)

E-Commerce Project Preface and Acknowledgement

The below preface and Acknowledgement is for a simple e commerce website. Students can easily prepare their own preface, Acknowledgement, Limitations and Future Enhancement with the help of the below example. PREFACE The main thing, which has been kept in mind   during this e-commerce based Web development, is our best efforts to make it easy, attractive &(…)

Medicine Reminder Using DS1307 & I2C Protocol

Aim: The objective of the Medicine Reminder Using DS1307 & I2C Protocol project is to remind the medicines to the patients at a regular interval of the time according to the prescription. Outstanding Features: 1. The medicines are reminded to the patients according to the time & doctor’s prescription. 2. Display of digital clock is made(…)