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IR Based Load Automation Project

IR BASED LOAD AUTOMATION  This IR Based Load Automation project describes a new economical solution of controlling electrical loads wirelessly using handhelp switchpad. The control system consists of an IR transmitter and receiver, a microcontroller that collects data from the TSOP  receiver and controls the electrical loads ON/OFF operations. The IR LED acts as a(…)

Online Passport Registration Project Report

INTRODUCTION Online Passport Registration PROJECT DESCRIPTION Modules and its Description: Modules: A) National Register Module Pan card Register Module Voter Id Register Module License Register Module B) Web Service Module Application Layer Business Layer Data Layer C) Admin Module NATIONAL REGISTRATION MODULES: As the name itself defines this is a registration module for the public.(…)

Alcohol Breath Analyser with LCD Interface

The main aim of this Alcohol Breath Analyser with LCD Interface project is to monitor the vehicles for drunk drivers and if the alcohol content is detected, the system should alert the siren. Alcohol gas sensor will be fixed in the system. The status of the sensor will be continuously monitored by the microcontroller. Whenever(…)

Activity Control System Java Project Abstract

The four main activates when working with Activity Control System are Registration of time expenses Task, Project and Customer Management Reporting System Administration. The five main activities when working with Activity Control System are: • Registration of time expenses • Task, project, and customer management • Reporting • System administration PROPOSED SYSTEM We developed a(…)

Direct Marketing Campaign of Human Resource Consulting firm

Thousand Projects Technologies is a start up Human Resource Consulting firm at Hyderabad, India. They are into Providing all types of like Personnel & Strategic HR services under one roof including staffing etc., The another wing of Thousand Projects technologies is Learning & Development for corporate employees and core & Practical training for graduates from different(…)

A Project Report on E-learning

Preface This Website is Provide to the E-Learning in Higher Secondary School. This E-learning Website Can be Also Provide Information About Question. The User can get the Online Learning about Question. This is a static dynamic website designed to E-learning. The User can also fill own registration form. Acknowledgement We are very grateful and thankful(…)