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Transformer Temperature Monitoring and Control Major Project

This Transformer Temperature Monitoring and Control project aims to continuously monitor the temperature of the transformer at the substation. If the temperature increases beyond some critical limit, microcontroller will automatically start the cooling system for the substation. The temperature sensor used in this project is NTC Thermistor which is interfaced with the LM3958 Comparator IC.(…)

Online Examination .Net Project Synopsis

Abstract: Online examination is a web application which is developed to make the examination process automated. This application establishes a connection between Institute and students. This application provides a platform for students to improve their attention towards examination. This application provides questions with multiple choice. Students can answer the questions with in the assigned time.(…)

Automatic Street Light Control System Project

This Automatic Street Light Control System project consists of LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensor interfaced with LM358 Comparator. When LDR surface is illuminated with light, its resistance decreases whereas when there is no light falling on its surface, its resistance is infinite. Depending upon that condition, comparator input changes and hence corresponding output also changes.(…)

Wireless Petroleum Level Measurement Using Ultrasonic Digital Sensor

Liquid level indicator is a device meant to overcome the stress of opening reservoir or dipping rod into the tank for gauging the level of the liquid. The level indicator can be divided into three stages. The sensing circuit, wireless transmitter & receiver, control circuitry. The sensing unit is isolated from the measurement & control(…)

GSM based Vehicle Theft Intimation System

This GSM based Vehicle Theft Intimation System project aims at continuously monitors vehicle from some interrupt. In case someone tries to steal the vehicle, micro controller will automatical the y shuts down the engine valve which is interfaced through relay driver ULN2003 IC. The relay driver circuit is basically current amplifier IC. The Vehicle Theft(…)

Metal Detector Embedded System Project

METAL DETECTOR The main aim of this Metal Detector project is to detect the metal in the surroundings and alert the siren when the metal is found. This Embedded System project has the application in mines. People used to dig the ground to locate the mines underneath the ground. Using this metal detector, the mines(…)

Wireless PC Data Logger for Smart Parking System

ABSTRACT This project is about the new technique for solving parking problems and provide an easy method of parking. In the present scenario, people find it very difficult to park their vehicles in public places like shopping malls etc. This project considers present parking system issues and provides a solution to develop advanced parking system.¬†This(…)

Temperature Monitoring Multi Bedded Hospital

ABSTRACT This is a PC based temperature monitoring System using Zigbee communication. In this Temperature Monitoring Multi Bedded Hospital project, four temperature sensors in multiplexing mode are connected to the Atmega16 microcontroller which has eight channel in built ADC. The temperature values of all the sensors are sent serially by the Atmega16 micro controller through(…)