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Expo Management System .Net Project

Abstract: Expo management system is a project developed to provide details and allocate stalls according to the customer’s requirements. Customers can select a stall and provide details of the stall like type, size, rate, and location. Customers can send a request and purchase the stall. Existing System: In the existing system, all the work is(…)

Oracle application Development for Mall managament

The following details regarding property management database requirements: There are two types of property: 1) Weekend Outlets 2) Permanent Shops 1) Weekend Outlets: (Friday & Saturday) These outlets are booked in a week(Monday to Thursday) before every weekend.(Friday & Saturday) All outlets are registered to particular tenants. Tenant details will be entered in the system.(…)

Regenersis needs to increase the number of technical employees to increase the customer satisfaction and sales

Title: Regenersis needs to increase the number of technical employees to increase the customer satisfaction and sales  1: Executive Summary: Employing more and more technical experts within organizations who have the ability to appreciate and recognize the requirements and the need for increasing the attention of the customers and thus the provision of better services,(…)

Restaurant Android Application

Description: Restaurant Android App is the dashboard based application using Android Studio. The Main objective of this application is to provide the best solution among waiter and chef. Here the waiter can generate orders, adding items which are ordered by the customers then automatically all ordered items will be displayed in chef application individually based on(…)

Sentimental Analysis Opinion Mining for Mobile Networks

Abstract: Sentimental Analysis and Opinion Mining for Mobile Networks is a project mainly focuses on sharing posts in the application more effectively and easily. In this application, users can share their posts whether they may be images any others. This application provides a special feature i.e.., when one user shares a post in the application,(…)

Automatic Street Light Intensity Control

WORKING PROCEDURE 230 V AC supply is given to the step-down transformer. This step-down transformer steps down the voltage to 12V. This voltage is given to the rectifier. The rectifier used here is the bridge rectifier  this is formed by the 4  1N4007 diodes. This rectifier gives the pulsating dc as the out put. This(…)