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Puducherry Tourism Statistical Report and Information System

Synopsis: Puducherry statistical analysis and information center is a website designed for Puducherry tourism Department. In this web site people who all over the world can know the details about Puducherry. One can find its location, specialty and can find their place to stay in Puducherry. As an information center, peoples can get all the(…)

Rocker Bogie Suspension System Mechanical Project

Abstract The aim of this Rocker Bogie Suspension System project is to develop a surveillance robot for defense which is capable of moving in all surfaces and is capable of driving in rock terrains and live video streamlining with help of a camera. This robot has a special mechanical structure which is capable in driving(…)

My Tube Downloader PHP Project

Existing System:- In the existing system, we have already used YOUTUBE website to upload and view videos but that website is not giving permission for downloading our or others videos. In YOUTUBE for downloading user has to first install youtube downloader for downloading video then only user can download videos. For songs, we are using(…)

Online Shopping Cart PHP Project Code

The main aim of developing this PHP based online shopping application web project is to provide easy access to buy products online. This project looks like an online shopping website like Amazon or Flipkart where the user has to register in the website first then they can search products category wise, find product manufacturer, product(…)

Accident identification based alerting location over GSM and GPS Project

This proposed project work is an attempt to design an advanced vehicle security and tracking system that can identify vehicle accident detection and sends the location details using GPS and GSM. In present existing models many vehicles do not have accident detection system they have to wait for someone help to inform our guardians, this(…)