Augmented Reality (AR) Seminar Report PDF

The current stream is the stream that is related to the computers department where the assassination of the real world data and the personal computer data is done or created. Augmented Reality is the field which deals with the virtual information that has to be displayed on the computer screen for the creation of the user’s sensor generations. In this method the data from all over the environment is combined and is flashed on the human’s or the person’s eyes for the generation of the human sensor.

The properties that are related to the Augmented Reality are it makes the combination of the real and the imaginary type of objects into the real type or feel of environment. It runs properly in support with the real time environment. It allocates the real and the imaginary world and combines it with each other.

This system also has the tracking system which gives each and every information in the right and successful way. The Environment also has the type of sensor which sends the signals of the real atmospheric environments to the machine or the system. Rending technique and the Visual attention judgments is also the related part of the Augmented Reality system.

The existing system called as the Augmented Reality is incrementing to the development stage due to the attraction of the people because of its progressive results and much more. It has the great processing speed and also great maintenance’s techniques too. This system has a combination of the human factors, speed, and vision of the personal computer, hardware and software. This system is mainly developed to properly know which is very handily and also detects the imaginary data and also various objects.

There are various challenges and the goals that the current system needs to be completed whenever it is allocated to the system during the execution process of the programs.

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