Attacking LSB Based Image Steganographic Technique Seminar Report

Introduction to Attacking LSB Based Image Steganographic Technique Seminar Topic:

The word stegano was derived from a Greek word called steganos which means covering or hiding. Steganography means hiding important messages in any form image, audio, video, paper etc. The process allows covering important messages in uncommon way. From the ancient days steganography was used by covering the wood texts with waxes. During the World War 2 also it is used by some spies. Invisible inks are mostly used as a process of steganography they are seen only heated under fire. Steganography is used ide copy-right information in images or audio or video. By this third party sharing.


Us government concerned the needs of the steganography. Terrorists are using steganography to communicate between each other. For example Al-Qaeda posting images over air and they are downloaded by other and they revealed by their techniques. It is also considered as anti-forensic mechanism which includes child pornography.


The tools which are used:

  • StegoDons
  • MandelSteg
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jpeg-Jsteg
  • Stools
  • Ezstego
  • Hide4pGp
  • Stegaons
  • StegHide
  • Invisible
  • JpHide
  • Hiderman
  • camouflage

Types of Analysis:

  • Specific image steganalysis :
  • Palette Image Steganalysis
  • Raw Image Steganalysis
  • JPEG Image Steganalysis
  • Generic Image Steganalysis Algorithms 

Steganalysis meets Cryptanalysis: 

  • size difference
  • date/time difference
  • contents – modifications
  • checksum
    • Categories
    • Histogram analysis
    • Change in file properties
    • Statistical Attack
    • Visually
    • Audible

Common encryption algorithms used:

–        XOR

–        DES

–        3DES

–        IDEA

–        AES 

Password Guessing/Dictionary Attacks:

There are some password guessing techniques like brute-force, Rainbow.

Passwords can be determined by Camouflage.

Multi hex program can also be used.


By using these techniques piracy can be controlled easily. There is no chance of sharing copy righted images audio vedio. Steganography has been implemented in various techniques in this trend.

Download  Attacking LSB Based Image Steganographic Technique Seminar Report.

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