ATM With an Eye PPT Topic for CSE Students

Introduction to ATM With an Eye PPT Topi:

The Seminar Topic explains about a device called as the ATM with an Eye. This is the automatic teller machine abbreviated as the ATM or can also be called as the Automatic Banking machine abbreviated as the ABM. This is the complete computerized device which is related to the telecommunication which gives the clients and the users the financial centre with also a feature of accessing the financial transactions. This machine provides the cash whenever the person claims for money at any place at any time. This machine does not need the manual banker person or the cashier to withdraw the cash.

In now a day’s latest ATM’s the person or the costumer is recognized by inserting the ATM card which is created by plastic and has the magnetic strip fixed on the backside of the card. A small plastic smart card can also be there replacing the magnetic black strip.

This magnetic strip or the plastic smart chip contains a unique card number from which the person is identified every time when that person enters the card. It also has some of the security details or information’s such as the expiry of the ATM card of the CVVC or the CVV number. The user details are provided by the user itself and also with the Personal Identification Number called as the PIN.

This system has the application called as the Iris Reorganization which has a content of several properties like the large classified texture; the right eye differs from the match of the left eye. Twins person have always different Iris details, image quality is available but is very low. This system works properly with the physical objects. This system is normally used in the airports these days. The hardware required to develop the system is CPU, magnetic chip, PIN Pad, function keys, a touch screen, a vault and a house materials.

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