Asp.Net Software Environment Reference Material for CSE Final Year Students

.Net is designed by Microsoft company and it is a software technology set that helps in integrating and rapid building of XML web services, web solutions and window base applications of Microsoft. The is a platform without any barrier or limitation of language for program writing that can be safely interpreted. There are various languages available with .Net and Managed C++, C#, Java Script Visual Basic are some of the languages used in this system. The foundation of various components is possible with the .Net framework that can easily easily without any obstacle whether in local or remote platforms. Common data types are standardized by it along with the protocols of communications which facilitate the functions of the components that are designed in various languages for easily inter operation.

. NET is commonly a name that can be given to various software components collectively owing that it builds upon the platform of .NET. this includes services like .NET My Services, like Passport and products like Windows. NET Server and Visual Studio. NET.

. The net has two components that include a) A hierarchical set of class libraries b) The Common Language Run time  Execution engine is the term to describe the CLR of .Net and it provides the situations within which the program actually runs. Some of the important features are:

Intermediate language or IL is the term used to describe a low level assembler style language and its conversion to a code native can be executed to the platform.

Version control along with the execution and loading of programs.

Checking the restrictions of security on the code that are running.

Garbage collection

The code which targets the. Net and contains additional information’s “metadata” to explain it. At the run time both types of codes- managed and un managed can run but only the managed code consists of such information that allows the CLR to guarantee like interoperability and safe execution.

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