In order to develop this system we design a architecture which will explain behavior of the system and provide a better experience for client. In order to improve quality of service computerized applications are required in place of manual process.

Modules and their Description

Data hiding and extracting from an audio file is done in two main modules.

• Embed module.

• Extract module.

Embed Module (To embed the text file into the audio file)

In this module, the first step is selecting an input audio file .User is provided with a dialog box where path selection can be made using textbox.The second step is selecting an output audio file in which text data or a text file is embedded.The third step use should follow is to select a file from the list or enter new text for embedding.

In the fifth step what ever the files that we have selected are viewed and verification of the path is done. In the sixth process data is embedded in to the audio file using low bit encoding technique.

After embedding the content both the audio files are played and a listener cannot find any difference between the audios.

Extract Module (To extract the text file from the audio file)

In this module, the first step is the process of selecting the encrypted audio file. This is the file that a user has to extract information from the output audio. 

Download Asp.Net Projects Report on Text File Hiding In Audio (Wav) Files Using Low Bit Encoding Steganography.