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Asp.Net Projects Live Projects Free Download

April 21, 2012

List of Asp.net projects live projects free download:

  This category consists of Asp.net projects live projects free download. Students or institutions who are interested in getting live projects on latest year projects you can contact us.  Here we provide projects which have already done by final year students. You can download asp.net projects source code, project reports and ppt.

                    You can request asp.net live projects at info.1000projects{at}gmail.com

Links for list of asp.net live projects:

  1. Efficient Coding Algorithm for the Compression of ECG Signals Using Wave let transforms.  (asp.net live project)
  2. Split wiener filtering with application in adaptive systems. (asp.net live project)
  3. An efficient combination of two LMS adaptive filters. (asp.net live project)
  4. Audio/Image denoising by block thresholding. (asp.net live project)
  5. Robust linear predictive coding for low bit rate speech coding. (asp.net live project)
  6. Fast motion estimation scheme for video compression. (asp.net live project)
  7.  Moving window based double haar wavelet transform for image denoising. (asp.net live project)
  8. Multiplier less filter bank design. (asp.net live project)
  9. PSK modem implementation for software defined radio. (asp.net live project)
  10. Video stabilization.11. (asp.net live project)
  11.  Image & speech compression using wavelet transform methods. (asp.net live project)
  12. Defect detection in bio-medical images. (asp.net live project)
  13.  Velocity estimation using image histograms. (asp.net live project)
  14.  MPEG video compression.
  15.  Image compression using multiwavelets.
  16.  Implementation of adaptive filter algorithms.
  17.  Automatic thresholding for defect detection.
  18.  A new motion detection algorithm based on back ground estimation.
  19. Automatic moving object extraction for content based applications.
  20.  A biomedical system based on hidden markov model for diagnosis of heart valve diseases.
  21.  Multi wavelet based speech recognition.
  22.  Component based image retrieval system.
  23. Recognition of speech by using wavelets.
  24.  Noise reduction using split wiener filtering.
  25. Application of multi wavelet to image compression.
download list of asp.net projects live free download.

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6 Comments to "Asp.Net Projects Live Projects Free Download"

  1. sathish wrote:

    sir i want agriculture assist project in asp.net with code

  2. suparna wrote:

    Defect detection in bio-medical images
    i want some idea about this project.
    a sample project will do.

  3. Deepika suri wrote:

    respected sir/mam i need the project on market trade analyzer in .net.so pls send me ful data about ths project as soon as posible. Thnku very much for accept my request

  4. Deepika suri wrote:

    respected sir/mam i also need ful history abov ths project

  5. rahul wrote:

    please give the source code for making a online book seller website.

  6. sarthak wrote:

    sir i want right now somethign new project on diploma based in asp.net,vb.net

    i have no time sir kindly plz do fast

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