Projects for IT on P2p Replication Based Performance User case diagram

Existing System : 

  •   No random selection of peer algorithm. This will make the system latency 
  •   If any of the system has disconnected  very difficult to identify 
  •   Pass the queries to the peer network one by one 
  •   They didn’t use Markov chain algorithm and random selection of nodes 

 Proposed System : 

  •   Using approximate query processing to get the result to decrease the latency. 
  •   Using Markov chain random walk algorithm to select the peers. 
  •   Passing aggregate rules to get the information from the peers. 
  •   pass the aggregate queries to the common database and get the information from all the peers. 
  •   Project shows which peer get disconnected. 
  •   Random selection of peers will reduce the latency.

user case diagam p2p project

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