Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Seminar Topic:

Some say computers are the biggest invention of mankind; it can reduce manual work considerably well. The one thing a computer or a machine lack is intelligence; the term artificial intelligence is coined when these systems or machines perform an intelligent activity through some commands or codes.

The main intelligence features in the AI include

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Manipulation
  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Reasoning

Most of the machinery used in big factories such as automobiles, appliances etc. use AI induced robots and tools. An intelligent system can compute and process information with higher efficiency, minimal errors and at a large pace.

The basic ideas in AI:

  • Knowledge Representation
  • Language Understanding
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Computing

The basic plot of AI is to make every machine think and behave humanely. AI has a vast reach in terms of technical areas such as various types of processing such as voice, language etc. AI is also used in other fields such as phycology, medicine, mathematics etc. 

The various areas in AI include knowledge representation, reasoning, learning etc. Natural language processing is used to search and analyze vast language database and followed by a generation of structural data.

NLP also supports language translation. The four procuring levels in it are lexical, syntactical, semantic and pragmatic. The main part of any AI application is to engage in an interaction with humans, English in this case acts as a universal networking language.

A neural network processes and maps data accordingly and connects them to a system, the biggest and complex neural system in the world is our very own nervous system. There are many sub areas of AI such as game consoles, Image Recognition, robotics etc. and it is culmination of various subjects such as phycology, computer science , philosophy, mathematics etc.

Artificial intelligence are going to take extreme predominance in the coming years, as more and more researches come out we could see AI expanding to even more vast areas.           

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