Artificial Intelligence PPT Presentation

Artificial Intelligence Notes:

Intelligent computer must have, good speed, and display only useful data. Algorithm used split large task into subtask.  Computers also have capability of understanding problems and to solve them. Artificial intelligence is used to for maintain machine behavior to solve complex problems.

Let’s take an example of three missionaries and three cannibals.  They come to river and finds a boat which if cannibals outcome the missionaries then missionaries will be eaten. Now the problem arises how they cross. Then problem was solved by intelligent algorithm. 

Knowledge representation technique: declarative sentence may be negation, implication, and disjunction. Semantics is also important feature; it means what a sentence means. It can be either true of false. Example, either I go to movie or I go swimming.

Frames:  it is a node with structure that provides relationship between objects and properties of object call a slot and filler.

Non- monotonic reasoning: it means true facts that decrease and changes with time. This system is more effective in many problems solving situations. Suppose if x is not known then we conclude y. e.g. to build the program, that generates solution for simple program. It used when there is presence of incomplete information for reasoning.  It generates complete solution for partial solution.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Applications: mostly used in robotics, pattern formation or recognition, gaming, mechanical automatic machines. These are basic uses of artificial intelligence.

It is an ability of computer to decision of own.  For example if we touch someone what response will come from him and what we too feel, will have on both person. Itmeans the kind of knowledge from one human being to other human being in another language alone in fact so communicable.

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