Artificial Intelligence Methods in Virus Detection and Recognition Latest CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Methods in Virus Detection and Recognition Seminar Topic:

The word MALWARE id derived from Malicious Software, this software is planned to gain access or damage a computer system with no the owner’s well-versed permission. Here we know how to distinguish relatively few malicious software types, it is important to be aware that though all of them are parallel purpose, each performs in a unlike method similar to Viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, etc…Due to dissimilar performance, each malware group uses the alternative behavior of being undetected. These services anti-virus software procedures to develop various solutions and counter measures for computer security.

This management focuses on methods used especially for virus finding, to understand how virus are detect and recognized this are divided into many ways they are Nonresident viruses, Resident virus

Meta heuristic is a technique for solving a general class of computer troubles by combining user given black-box procedures in confidently capable way. Heuristic is a method to help in solving the trouble in a simple method, it is mostly used to elevated speed arrive a solution. General meta heuristic is an significant to memorize that Meta heuristic are worn only for thoughts to solve difficulty not a correct way to perform that trouble .For virus detection or reorganization there is main Meta heuristic is used they are Pattern matching, automatic learning, etc…

There are some disadvantage in specific detections methods like signatures scanning become very capable method of detecting knows pressure, finding specific signatures in code allows scanner to recognize, every virus which signature has been stored in built in database. For avoiding copied positives we have to take this measures that are, set proper scanning depth, Assume that the machine is not contaminated Combine scanning technique, perform scan as early as possible and making judgment after alarm require knowledge.

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