Artificial Intelligence and Global Risk PPT

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Global Risk:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Since Charles Babbage has invited computer’s primitive form, human race have been technologically advancing. Many scientists and mathematicians have been trying to make computers think, behave and intelligent like humans. Mechanized intelligence is an advanced field of study and it includes both knowledge manipulation and representation.

In knowledge manipulation the main concept to solve algorithmic problems is that of search. The field of search should be explored only within a limit, this is called Heuristics. The ability to process new language is also part of artificial intelligence. Knowledge representation is made first in human mind and then only other steps will follow. This one deals with more of assumptions and predictions, the ability of thinking is a special feature of human brain and artificial intelligence should support languages based on various calculus such as lambda and predicate. These languages will help in various manipulations of data. 

 Global Risk 

The biggest risk that a software company faces is whether the project they have currently undertaken will be a failure or a success. The success of a project may rely on many factors such as proper planning, work allotment, completion on time, good testing and troubleshooting, excellent after sale service etc. The risk management consists of many stages such as problem, mitigation, prevention, anticipation, opportunity etc.

All these stages are inter-related with factors such as competition, customer satisfaction, predictability and numerous opportunities. It is pretty tedious job to implement these risk management in a company environment as there would be shortage of necessary tools for the analysis. The concept of seeing opportunity amongst chance of failure is called positive risk; this may be business, operational or systemic. 

The main risks associated with global software industry across environments such as legal, competitive, economic and social: 

  • Entrant’s risk 
  • Supplier’s risk 
  • Substitute’s risk 
  • Buyer’s Risk

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