ARM Architecture PPT Presentation

Introduction to ARM Architecture PPT Presentation:

ARM is the architecture for the digital world. The document helps us to understand in detail about ARM. The topics we will go through are.

a.)    Introduction to ARM

b.)    Programmers Model

c.)     Instruction Set

d.)    System Design

e.)    Development Tools

We will study in details about ARM.


ARM was established in the year 1990 in the month of November. ARM design the cores of RISC processors of ARM. Fabrication of silicon is not done by ARM itself. The partners of ARM get the design of core ARM semiconductors from licensed. It also assists in the development of software tools, boards, debug hardware, application software, bus architectures, and peripherals.  


ARM uses 32 bit architecture. In relation ARM it uses 8 bit byte, 16 bits half word, 32 bit word. The instruction set implemented by ARM are 32-bit ARM architecture. Java byte code can be executed by Jazelle core. There are seven basic operating modes being used by ARM and they are user, FIQ, IRQ, supervisor, abort, undef, and system. ARM has 37 registers which are 32 bit long.


Lets us learn the instruction set being used for ARM. Instruction can be executed with by post fixing this instruction with appropriate condition code field. Flags can be set optionally by using “S” and this flags are not being affected by the condition code. The condition code for ARM are equal (EQ), unsigned higher or same (CC/BS), unsigned lower (CC/LO), and many more.


The system design of ARM consists of external ROM, external RAM, external bus interface, decoder, on-chip RAM, timer, interrupt controller. AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Architecture), ACT (AMBA Compliance Testbench), ADK (Complete AMBA Design Kit), and Prime Cell (ARM’s AMBA compliant peripheral).


Compilation – tool used for ARM are ARM development Suite, Linker and Utilities.

Debug Tools – Real View Debugger, Real View ICE, Real View Trace.

Platforms – ARMulator, and RealView ARMulator ISS (RVISS).

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