Approaches of a Strategy Literature Review

Approaches of a Strategy

There are many theories of strategy which deeply explains various aspects.  These different theoretical frameworks on strategy are successful because the attention spans and preferences of the organizational management are shifting. It is also said that present models of strategy have nothing more to do with the certainty and exactness but with the interests and the tastes of managers.

It is a fact that it is accepted by many organization that they can maintain an excellent relation between the external and internal environments with the help of the strategy they implemented in their organization. They also accept that strategy plays a significant role in the organization. However, various authors partially focused on the communication and implementation of the strategy in the organization. In an organization the implementation of the strategy and its success is varied from one level to the other.

A strategy in an organization is useful in the medium level and top level but not in the bottom level. The importance of the strategy will be reduced if it reaches the bottom level of the organization. The reason for this is the strategy will lose its effectiveness as the employees in the lower level cannot understand the strategy clearly as it is understood by the top level and medium level employees. In other words, the communication of strategy to the bottom level employees is difficult.

                   The significance of the communication of a strategy to the employees and implementation of strategy in an organization is dependent on the experiences that are taken from real time case studies. Many researchers have studied the developing, communicating and implementing approaches of a strategy from many organizations both successful and failed ones, and established various approaches as follows:

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