Applications of Biometrics & Typical Biometric System

Typical Biometric System:

                                 In this process the fingerprints of an individual are scanned and that fingerprints are converted into code using some algorithms and then stored into the database. When the person needs some access to the system or an area then the fingerprints of the person are once again scanned and then converted into code by the system for the identification process. This converted code is compared with the already enrolled codes that are available in the database. If the fingerprints scanned are matched with the existing codes in the database then the particular person is authenticated and given access in to the system or area.

Applications of Biometrics:

Biometrics are used in many applications and some of those applications are single sign-on, data protection, transaction security, network access, application logon, remote access to resources and web security. Biometrics based authentication is mainly used in the applications like e-governance and e-commerce where the process should be done more securely. Individual and personal authentication techniques are used in several sectors like large scale organization networks and also for providing security for the digital information in the areas like Health care applications and Digital Rights Management and also in point-of-sale implementations etc.

                          Along with the study of human authentication process, these typical biometric applications are also used for the studying the behavioural and character changes in the animals also. For instance, the race of horse can be traced by implementation of the biometric systems and a similar procedure is applied in case of noticing the illegal importing of dogs and this is introduced by the familiar pedigree organization.

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